Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Metropolitan Mundri

Things continue to go ever swiftly by here in Mundri. I am continually amazed at how fast the weeks seem to fly along. After several failed attempts to post these pictures and stories from the past two weeks, the internet seems to be working much better today.

I was recently reflecting on how many people I know here that are not actually from here. There are at least six lodges in town for travelers and guests, and the options for 'restaurants' is broad. The amount of Kenyans, Ugandans, Egyptians, Ethiopians, Somalians, and other international individuals is quite large. There is a also a huge contingency of Sudanese people living here that are not from this area. The lure of business, places to raise cattle, and job assignments have brought many varied people to this place.

Mundri is by no means a big town, and in many ways feels like a small village, but the mixture of people from various backgrounds creates a metropolitan feel at times. I am always discovering new things in the market, including my recent discoveries of Stoney soda - a Ugandan soda made from Ginger, Coffee Cola - a cola soda with coffee added, Sparkling Juices - various types of grape and apple juices in champagne bottles!
My Sudanese friend Mine. His father lives in America and his mother in Juba.
My Kenyan friends that are Somali by ethnicity. They are awesome guys that are always greeting me and have been teaching me to speak Somali. They have lived all over Africa, know all about various cultures and customs, and are never lacking in smiles.
My friend Birhanu and Bullen. Birhanu is a business man from Ethiopia and Bullen is a business man from southwestern Sudan.
Alice is a friend from Kenya. She, along with several other ladies and men from Kenya, have several stalls of new clothes for sale.

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