Sunday, December 14, 2008

Transitional One

I was just remembering how a friend recently told me I am the the most transitional person she has ever met. I've heard that before. In jest, I was sitting at Starbucks today when I wrote this little diddy. All my friends out there who said I move around more than anyone they know - this one is for you!


Can’t you stay in one place?
How can your life be any fun?
Always moving from state to state,
No one can keep track of where you are.
You wander as if following a shooting star.
What leads you or drives you to carry on?
Will you settle someday and stay where you are,
Or shall I suspect that when I talk with you next you will be moving again?
I am thankful for whom are you,
But please don’t ask me to follow your path.
I like being in one spot, even if it seems old at times.
Though you transition so much,
I am thankful for what motivates you,
Because you seek not money or fame,
But merely to love, encourage, and excite.
What drives you is from within,
That much I can see.
You are trying to follow Jesus,
And because of that, I press you to carry on,
From state to state, and countries far away,
But please remember us here.
We will be praying for your safety, so have no fear.
Keep doing what you are,
As it suites you well.
To stay in one place would be to abandon your call,
At least for now.
So do what you must and do it well.
All for the glory of God,
To fight the battle for Heaven and hell!
Don’t be surprised if I laugh a time or two,
Because no one I know is as transitional as you,
So be merry and bright as we draw near to Christmas night,
Yes, whether in Fort Recovery, Dayton, Bellevue, Spokane, Rome, Philadelphia, Wanblee, Seattle, Bundibugyo, Mundri, or living as a Baltimore Hun,
You will forever be known as TRANSITIONAL ONE.

-scott j. will

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