Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Are In A Battle

Everett, WA
Volume 3, Issue 29
December 9, 2008

-We Are In A Battle-
…there are no neutral parties…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Probably too much. As I think about my future and my current role as a warrior in the ongoing battle that surrounds me everyday – the war between Good and evil, I have been prompted to consider how God can use us, Christians, to impact the largest amount of people possible.

Clinical medicine is wonderful and has the potential to impact people every day, but usually only one person at a time. What benefit is it for me to help prolong someone’s life, only for them to be condemned later on? Yes, I want to use my skills and talents to help others, but I want to help them eternally.

This process of trying to maximize my time and efforts is by no means complete, but God has started to broaden my vision. I think part of my role is to encourage others to follow their passions; I’m not exactly sure what that means though and how I go about accomplishing that.

Why do so many people live so comfortably? Why are people starving when others are indulging? What can be done to end the viscous cycle of poverty? What motivates people to get involved? What is my part in all of this? What is the Church’s role?

So many questions keep coming, but I am thankful when they come. It helps me to realize that I am in a battle. There are no neutral parties.

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