Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Words To Speak

No Words To Speak stories to tell...

I have been strangely quite as of late. Fatigue, frustration, and feelings of losing my identity have set in. I've been irritable, impatient, and aloof. All things I am usually not.

Today I listened as Kim S., a former team member in Uganda and future team member in Sudan, spoke at her home church in Burien, WA. It was a delight and pleasure to see the passion she has for East Africa as she spoke of the children in Southern Sudan. She humbly portrayed how God has used her, and how she needs Jesus just as much as the people in Sudan. Amen.

So for now, I will be quite and rest. I am not myself at the moment. I still have the joy of Jesus in my heart, by my external manifestation of joy is gone. I need to listen more to God and rest in the enveloping love of Christ. Come Lord Jesus, come.


Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you, Scott. Even though we may never meet, I feel like you are part of my circle of friends because I have been visiting your blog for the past year. This is a difficult time for everyone financially (and politically), and the way forward is not easy to see. I think that makes it more difficult to stay calm and let God's soft voice speak in our lives. Please pray for me, too. Some months are more full of sorrows than others. Judy in HMB

Anonymous said...

Praying for you.