Saturday, August 2, 2008

Conversations With Christ

Wanblee, South Dakota
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Volume 3, Issue 15
July 28, 2008

-Conversations With Christ-
…daily dialogues with God…

Oh great and glorious one, who sits enthroned on high.
Who I am I that I should be called worthy of you?
In my meek and stupid ways, I am so much lower than you?
How can I ever be in the presence of one so great?
What, you say it is ok?
I have been made righteous and new?
But how? By who?
By you?
Why would you do such a things for a worm like me?
What is that?
You say you love me?
But why?
Because I am yours and you are mine.
But you are so much greater than I?
You know, but you humbled yourself and became man anyway?
But how?
It can’t be so?
Oh yes, you say- it is true.
Wow, thank you.
I don’t know what to say.
Say “I love you”, is that what you ask?
You only ask for me?
All of me.
But how can I give you all of me?
I am filthy, dirty, weak, and poor.
What, you say that is ok?
You still want me?
All of me?
I don’t understand.
It’s simple you say?
Yes, very simple.
You love me for who I am.
Not for what I may be?
No, you love me for who I am right now.
I think it may take me some time to understand.
That’s ok, you say.
Thank you, but please is this all really true?
You would live and die for a sinner such as me?
Yes, it’s true.
You love me more than anything?
You desire me more than anyone?
You weep when I am away?
You rejoice when I am near?
If what you say is true, I am sold on only you.
I don’t complete understand.
But I know you care.
I see the holes in your hands and feet.
You bared them for me?
How can I turn away?
I’ve never known a love so true.
God, please forgive.
I’m sorry I’ve sinned against you.
Please take me back.
Can I still be yours?
What’s that you say?
You have never left me.
You will take me anyway.
Despite my sin and troubles deep.
You love me more than I’ll ever know.
How can it be?
I am not worthy of thee.
Be still, you say.
Stand near and listen deep.
You are with me always.
Through thick and thin.
Your hands are never far.
God, I do love you.
You love me too.
I know you do.
Please help me not to forget.
Help me to always turn to you.
Thank you, Jesus.
Don’t worry you say.
You will always love me too.

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