Saturday, August 2, 2008

Marching To A Different Drummer

Wanblee, South Dakota
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Volume 3, Issue 16
July 30, 2008

-Marching To A Different Drummer-
…answering to a higher call…

So fresh, cool, so new.
In a world of wonder and splendor great,
So often it seems that things just don’t correlate.
What makes sense today seems to change by tomorrow.
I often feel round in a world of squares.
I don’t see the picture, when everyone else sees straight.
I feel I march to a different drummer,
One who beats for only me.
Bu then, I realize that I am not alone.
There are others out there who have heard the same song as me.
They close their ears to the world’s call,
And instead look to the one for whom all is well.
They don’t care what the world thinks about them –
About power, money, fame, fortune, or control.
Instead they have a higher call.
There is one to whom we serve,
Whose love drives us on.
Many will call us fanatics,
Or crazy or strange,
Outcast, weirdoes, the minority.
But I don’t care.
I will carry on.
For my siren song is not of this world, but from somewhere well beyond.
In a world where conformity and status quo seem the norm,
I want to break the rules and be a “rebel” of sorts.
If that’s what being different means.
Unlike James D., I am not a rebel without a cause.
My cause is Christ.
No better master can I serve.
Let my words be not luke warm.
Let my heart be ablaze.
Let all who enter in see that Christ is ruler of me.
Be not afraid.
Join this cause if you dare.
For heaven will be your reward.
The fight will not be easy,
The cost may be great.
But not a higher task will you perform.
So, will you join me?
Will you forsake it all and run with wild abandonment
toward the king who calls you home.
Join me now, if you will.
Today is the day when you can start,
To follow Christ, he has your heart,
The choice is yours, only you can pick your path,
Ultimately you can not straddle the fence, for surely you will fall.
Someday we will all have to answer to His call.
Whether you say yes or no does matter in the end.
Until them, I wish you well.
Maybe I will see you someday marching to the same drummer beat as me,
Or maybe you already are.
I don’t mean to push or pry, but implore you that you must take a stand.
The life you lead today may be important in the end.
It’s never too late to make a new start.
For no one knows when their days will be done.
So choose your way wisely,
For we will all be accountable in the end.

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