Friday, May 30, 2008

Follow me....

In the simple beauty of an aged woman as she passes by,
In the sweet song of the birds as they magnificently fly,
In the brilliant colors of the shifting clouds as faded yellow turns to earthly orange with the setting sun,
In the boisterous laughter of innocent children as they scream with joy and playfully run,
In the eerie, calming stillness of the morning as the burgeoning day starts to dawn,
In the unnoticed quietness of the life-breathing flowers and summer season dandelions filling the lawn,
In the gentle, methodic cooling breeze,
In the chaotic whisper and dance-like swaying of the mighty trees,
In the things that are perceived as somehow queer or oddly strange,
In the things that are fixed, solid, without signs of change,
In the silently waiting magnitude of each and every one,
In the life-taking and life-changing crucifixion of His sacrificial Son,
In the chilling, solid blackness of night and shining brilliance of mid-day,
God is calling you…follow me…I love you….come this way.

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