Friday, May 30, 2008

Where does your compass point?

Baltimore, Maryland
Volume 3, Issue 7
May 30, 2008

-God’s Leading-
…where does your compass point…

What does it mean to be called, and how do you know if you are? How can one be such a sinner, yet still used and valued by God?

A friend recently asked me how I hear God’s voice so clearly. “Who’s says I hear God’s voice clearly?” I’ve never definitively been able to articulate how I sense and discern God’s leading in my life, but I can feel him gently prodding in certain directions and steering me away from others. Sometimes he makes his will obvious to me, just short of a burning bush, though often it is more subtle – a voice whispering in my ear…follow me, follow me, follow me.

On Sunday June 1, 2008 I am headed to Philadelphia to begin the Assessment & Orientation week at World Harvest Mission (WHM). Everyday will be full of activities, including individual interviews and group activities. The purpose of the week is for WHM and me to mutually decide if I am indeed called to missions and if Africa is the right place for me. Please join me in praying for clarity, direction, and patience as I try to follow God’s leading.

Though I sometimes want to settle down and enjoy the stereotypical “American” lifestyle, I just don’t think I would be happy in that setting. I think God has equipped me and made me who I am, and as such I am indebted to following Him and His will for my life. I know that there are many things I could do, and have no doubt that God would bless me wherever I am, but I believe there are certain areas in which he is strongly urging me to go – challenging me to rely on Him and follow Him, knowing that He will provide for my every need (though my definition of need seems vastly different than His at times). Doing God’s will does not mean things will be easy, or that I will be protected from all physical danger, but I firmly believe there is no safer place to be. Whether I die today, tomorrow, or 60+ years from now – I am freely choosing to follow God. Though my internal compass will no doubt veer away from the Lord at times (probably several times and way too often), I pray that I will always be rerouted to head directly toward Him. Once I found Him I became a new creation, and I don’t ever want to go back.


Staci Ballou said...

Thanks for your encouraging words, Scott. Thanks for sharing your life - it is so wonderful to witness God in action through you!
~Staci Ballou

DrsMyhre said...

Dear Scott,
We are watching the next week carefully, hoping the compass points in this direction (at least Africa, we'll settle for Sudan if it can't be Uganda!!! Though the kids are not so happy with that distance.) Praying for clarity of call.

Lee said...


I have a few other "internet" friends who are there this week so I will add you to my prayer list. Praying for God's leading. In my experience going to Africa can be a dangerous thing. I would love to see London, Vienna or Ukraine again but I could live without it. Not sure if I could live if I don't get back to Africa at least once.