Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Reality Of My Calling

How faithful a God I serve, that he could love me so. This past week I was at World Harvest Mission’s assessment and orientation process in Philadelphia - a week of interviews, activities, and presentations for potential missionaries. I was joined by 10 other candidates as we each tried to discern our future, taking one step closer to working overseas. I am happy to announce that I was appointed as a long term missionary to Uganda/Sudan. I’ll explain this more fully in posts to come, but for now I am resting in the pleasure and promises of God as I try to unpack the wealth of information thrown at me in the past week - each moment more fully realizing the reality of my calling.


peregrinity said...

i have this feeling that it is going to be really REALLY hard over in sudan. but i pray that YHWH will be there guiding you every step of the way. goodluck.

Anonymous said...

It was cool to spend a little more time with you last week. I ralk with others about how your testimony and calling are very compelling and full of humbleness. I have no doubt that God will work through you in Africa. We at the office will always be there for you...--Grant

jane. said...

* hopefully after august 8th?

Rebecca said...

Hey Scott! This is a bit late and a bit random (because you don't know me), but I wanted to say YAY!! and Congratulations!! I'm so very excited for you and your team.