Friday, May 22, 2015

Praying for Mundri, South Sudan

There has been heavy fighting in Mundri, South Sudan over the past day (Friday, 22 May), the town where I have spent most of the past five years. There are so many South Sudanese in that town that are like family to me, and my heart weighs heavy thinking of them.
None of my teammates from World Harvest Mission/Serge are currently in Mundri, and have not been there for several months now.
My friend Francis Wajo asked specifically that I elicit others to pray for him, the people of Mundri, and all the people that have and are being affected by war in South Sudan. Would you pause and pray for them right now - for peace and protection.
My heart breaks as I think of the continuing violence in an area marred with a long history of fighting and suffering.
-Scott Joseph Will

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Judith said...

I am praying for Francis, for Mundri, For S. Sudan, and for you, Scott, separated from your dear friends and working hard to find God's plan for your life. May God Keep You in Hid Hands. May God Grant You all Peace. May God Bless You.