Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Gardens & Growing & Life...

In Gardens & Growing & Life

I see green, and pink, and red, and yellow. I see the butterflies flicker in and out of peripheral vision. I hear the crickets’ song and bees a buzzing, and in all, I see and hear and feel beauty. I dig and plant and grow things as a reminder of the brilliance and radiance and sheer variety that abounds in creation, as a pathway into the eyes of the creator, as a remembrance that I too started as a small seed, and as with many things, it takes time and sun and water for things to grow – nurturing care to help along the struggling. But in time, as new things come to shine and shimmer, other things will fade, their colors will dim and they too will falter and cease. Their remains remembered, if but for a time, but they too will help to enrich the land so that new life may spring forth, and so the cycle carries on.

Mundri, South Sudan

*Written as I sit at my small table, looking through the screened window, out at the vast color of zinnias, and sunflowers, and cosmos, and corn, and papaya trees, and bees, and butterflies, and birds, and beans, and radishes, and so many more things that comprise my small but colorful garden.


Molly said...

I read your story in a MedSend e-mail update and I was so excited to see a story about a fellow physician assistant! It sounds like you have been on an incredible journey serving the least of these. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog. I'm fascinated to hear about your experiences taking care of people in what sounds like a remote part of the world. May God bless your work!

ulkoistettu asiakaspalvelu said...

Seeing your garden make me inspired and cause of the fact that having a colorful garden it also having a colorful life.In Finland i am working as an telemarketer and i have also a garden which in spring season they are really lovely but now because its winder some of them are died.