Monday, August 23, 2010

Journeying back to the USA

In one week I am traveling back to the USA. I am attending the wedding of my dear friend, Scott C. in Nashville, TN, and I will be spending time with family and friends in Ohio and Indiana over a four week period.

It has been almost one year since my return to Africa. The stories are numerous and the experiences many. In many ways I feel I have 'lost my voice' when it comes to writing, blogging, journaling. I used to write all the time, on scraps of paper, napkins, ticket stubs, etc. I hope to get back into that habit, but for now here are some recent photos from my adventures in Sudan.

Planting the nursery with James W.
American seeds now planted and growing. Thank you to a generous friend for the seeds!
Football in full swing. The sport of most here, though volleyball is growing in numbers. Last week there were over 100 people out to play volleyball one night!
I spent two days with my friend David and his family recently. I truly enjoy visiting people in their homes and getting glimpses of what everyday life is like for most people in Mundri.
Bobby - former neighbor and friend to Gaby.
Women and girls love to have their hair done, including wigs, braids of all kind, and coloring.
Friends from Mundri.
My good friend Alex B. and his family. Alex is 18 years old, runs his own business, is the sole male provider for his entire family, and a friend who has taught me much about life in Mundri. Please pray for him. Young men in Mundri are faced with numerous pressures and decisions, and my heart longs for guys like Alex to know God and feel his immense love for them.
Alex's nieces.
Alex B. in front of the home he built.

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