Monday, December 22, 2008

Standing Naked With No Where To Go

PDX Airport, Ramada Inn
Portland, OR
Volume 3, Issue 30
December 9, 2008

-Standing Naked With No Where To Go-
…sometimes you just have to laugh…

Sometimes you just have to laugh. One year ago, in December 2007, I was in Uganda in the middle of an Ebola crisis. What a unique and strangely bizarre holiday season that was.

This year, December 2008, is turning out to be quite unusual and odd as well.

I was originally going to drive from Seattle, WA to Fort Recovery, Ohio, but then decided two days ago to fly instead because of bad weather in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the country. I found a last minute ticket flying out of Portland, OR at a reasonable price. I planned to drive from Seattle, WA to Salem, OR (about a four hour drive). I was going to park my car at my friend Maria’s house for the three weeks that I would be gone, and she was going to drop me off at the airport. I was orignally scheduled to land in Dayton, OH later tonight, December 21.

Then came a horrendous winter storm that ascended on Portland, including 8 inches of snow and freezing rain on top of that. Well, my trip to Salem was cut short but I was able to make it a hotel close to the airport. I booked my room yesterday and was fearful that my flight today was going to be canceled – and it later was. So last night, as I sat in my hotel room with no heat, no electricity at times, and multiple layers of clothes on I thought, “at least I am not stranded on the roads somewhere.”

This morning I called United as soon as my flight was cancelled, and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes learned that the next available flight is not until December 25 – WHAT! Four days from my original departure, yes. So, I am still sitting in a hotel room with no heat, even though they moved me to a new room and guaranteed “you will have plenty of heat in your new room”. In addition, as I was about to take a shower this morning, standing there completely naked, I heard the lock to my door being opened and looked with shock as I see the door handle sliding open as I shout “WAIT, WAIT.” I thought for sure I was about to give someone a free show, but luckily I had slid one of the door bolts in place last night so the door only opened a few inches. It was a hotel employee, whom I think was more surprised than me, saying in thick Vietnamese (?) accent, “Ahhh. They told me your room was vacant, you are not supposed to be in this room. You need to call the front desk.” Great – more problems.

So here I sit, with even more layers of clothes wrapped around me as I watch even more thick, white chunks of snow fall to the ground. I may end up staying in this hotel until December 25, but I am hopeful the weather will improve enough for me to be able to drive down to my friend’s house in Salem. She is flying out on December 24, so I will hopefully be able to ride back to the airport with her on Christmas Eve day, sleep in the airport that night, and then fly to Ohio really early on December 25.

Sometimes I seek out adventure, but sometimes it just finds me. Thank goodness I am flexible. Even during these unexpected moments, I am thankful for Jesus and excited about Christmas and the celebration of our Savior’s birth.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

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DrsMyhre said...

Scott, I hope this turns out better than expected, but at least you can relate to the "no room at the Inn" aspect of the real Christmas story. May unlikely shepherds and rich wise men descend upon you and cheer you up in your cold hotel. Wish you were here instead!
Jennifer and Scott