Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Huge Praise

A huge praise – Project MedSend approved World Harvest Mission as an affiliate member. So what does this mean? Well, now I can submit an application as a potential medical missionary to Project MedSend. As a subsidiary of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, “Project MedSend offers grants to repay student loans owed by healthcare professionals while they serve as medical missionaries in medically underserved areas of the world.”

WHM was approved as an affiliate on Thursday of last week, so MedSend sent me the formal grant application on Friday. Unfortunately, the next deadline was September 1st. There are only three grant review periods per year, so if I didn’t finish my application by Monday, September 1 I would not be eligible until the January 1, 2009 grant review period, which means I would not know until March 2009 whether of not I was approved. So, I worked like crazy to start and finish the lengthy application over the weekend and was successfully able to send it yesterday! Now, it is in the hands of God whether or not I am approved.

I currently have very large financial debts from graduate school that hinder me from serving as a missionary, so working with Project MedSend is a vital part of me being able to serve overseas with WHM. I am already required to raise a large amount of financial support to cover my costs as a long-term missionary, but the additional costs of paying back my monthly student loans while serving overseas is overwhelming. Project MedSend is a wonderful program that allows people like me, individuals who feel called by God to serve as medical Christian missionaries overseas, but have large financial debts from graduate education that hinders them from being able to do so, still achieve that desire.

Please join me in prayer as I would love to partner with Project MedSend - that they will look favorably on my application and commitment to serving the underserved overseas, and that my continued financial and prayer support raising will go well.


Karen said...

I am so happy for you! Way to make that deadline, too!

Christina said...

And then there's those of use who don't have medical degrees. We'll have to make it to the mission field the old-fashioned way; pay off our college debt in the shortest amount of time possible, then go. (-:

I heard of this program through a doctor working with SIM. I'm excited to hear that WHM is connected with them as well. Yea for medical missions!

Christine said...

Yay! Praise God!

=D <-- I had to settle for the emoticon equivalent of your very happy face picture.

Kelly said...

This is great news, Scott! Glad you were able to submit your application by the deadline too! Will pray that it gets approved.

Hope life is treating you well in WA!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,
I am praying for you! It wonderful that MedSend is available. Thanks for for your interesting "letters." May God bless you. Judy in HMB

Anonymous said...

This is awesome Scott...when do you hope to hear back from them about your application? I'll be praying.