Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Bundibugyo, Uganda
Volume 2, Issue 34
March 18, 2008

…hope will carry you through…

Maybe I am trying to find myself.
Maybe I was trying to discover who I really am.
Maybe I was sent for a purpose.
Maybe sent for a plan.
Maybe I found myself.
Maybe I discovered something I didn’t already know.
Maybe I’ll continue to learn from this experience – I think so.
Maybe I’ll adjust back to American life – the hustle, bustle, go, go, go, but I hope no.
Maybe the slowness and distinctive pace of Bundibugyo suits me well,
Maybe I was born to go at a different rate.
Maybe I am still seeking for something I will never find.
Maybe happiness and joy is a state of mind, or
Maybe they come from God, somewhere within.
Maybe I helped a child or two.
Maybe they helped me in return, to learn about myself, to realize who I am.
Maybe I’ll be back in Africa, I hope so.
Maybe there are some things I’ll never know.
Maybe I will get used to injustice, poverty, and despair, but
Maybe that is why I was there – to fight against corruption and disdain, to love the children, people, beggars and the lame.
Maybe you will get a chance to experience the same.
Maybe you have seen injustice and despair.
Maybe you see it everyday,
Maybe it is happening to you.
Maybe if we all worked to change the things we can.
Maybe if we yearned to see a better place.
Maybe if we said I love you more and I hate you less.
Maybe then things will change.
Maybe I’ll settle my thoughts some day, but
Maybe the freshness and reality of Uganda will never let me be the same.
Maybe I was born to be a wonderer.
Maybe someday I’ll be home.
Maybe we can live together the best that we can.
Maybe we can learn to love our neighbors.
Maybe you will help a child in need.
Maybe together we can succeed.
Maybe God has a plan for you and me, and
Maybe if we listen he will help us succeed.
Maybe He desires for us to know him more.
Maybe he’s waiting for us to knock on his heavenly door.
Maybe he will answer when we call, and just
Maybe he’ll eventually teach us all, that
Maybe sooner or later this injustice is all going to end.
Maybe we each have to play our part.
Maybe Easter is less about the eggs and colored displays, but
Maybe it is a remembrance of the most beautiful, but painful site.
Maybe you have run from Jesus.
Maybe you have tried to hide.
Maybe you don’t believe that on a cross he died.
Maybe we all have some learning to do.
Maybe my hope for you is that
Maybe this Easter season you will see your life a new.
Maybe you will see your neighbor in a different light.
Maybe you will see more than just America’s plight.
Maybe you will see an international display of brokenness, injustice, hatred and decay.
Maybe you will see more fully the need for Jesus in our life.
Maybe you will see that brothers and sisters all are we.
Maybe you will see that we each have a part to play.
Maybe you will know that God loves you each and every day.
Maybe you will know that you are his and he seeks to know you more.
Maybe hope will shine for you this Easter morn, and
Maybe that hope will carry you through.


Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing! I started keeping up with you and the Myhre's when talk of Ebola started. I know God will continue to lead and direct you, and I pray that you continue to follow Him.

God bless,

DrsMyhre said...

This sounds like a song lyric, it would make a good Caedemon's call song . . .
No maybe's about it, we miss you here. Caleb decided to use his assignment to write a persuasive letter to write a letter to you about coming back. If he ever finishes the assignment I'll suggest he sends it on to you.

TN friends said...

We, too, got to "know" you through the Mhyre's blog. We have lifted you up in prayer, and been thankful for your faithful and loyal service---especially throughout the Ebola nightmare. We will continue to pray for you, and God's leading for your future! :) God Bless!!!

rach to the h said...

nice thoughts. nice blog, yogger will. you're missed these ends. fortportal.wordpress.com
see you around durham/chapel hill this summer?! -rachel