Friday, December 14, 2007

This Is So Weird

Over the past few days the Myhres and I have joked about how often their blog gets quoted and how many people are reading it now. I did a Google search "scott Myhre Ebola" and an incredible number of sites popped up. People from all over the world are referencing their blog, Truly amaizing. So, tonight I typed in "Scott Will Ebola." Not near as many sites as the Myhres search, but still unbelievable - all the links and references. I even found an article in magazine for physician assistants that is about me, and I had no idea!!! The internet is amazing and scary at the same time...

Anyways, things are well, each day unique and unexpected. Here is the article and a link to the site:

PA in Midst of Uganda Ebola Outbreak Friday, Dec 7

By Stephen Cornell at 4:44 PM

Maryland PA Scott Will, a 2006 graduate of the Arcadia University PA program in Glenside, Pa., is in Bundibugyo, Uganda, where there is an ongoing outbreak of Ebola.

There have been 104 Ebola cases and 23 deaths since the outbreak began on Nov. 29.

Will is writing about the crisis on his blog at

This is from Will's Dec. 5 blog post following the death of one of the area's Ugandan physicians.

The past six days have been the most difficult days of my life. I am in a movie, but there is no script. It’s an action, adventure, sci-fi thriller that has yet to reach its climax. Each scene is more harrowing than the previous. I want this movie to end. I want the happy ending now.
In the most recent scene, the most devastating of all, Dr. Jonah has died. I received word from Jennifer Myhre last night that he died in the isolation unit at a hospital in Kampala.

Link to Scott Will's blog

A clinical rotation in Uganda inspired Will, according to an article on the Arcadia Web site:

“Seeing the poverty and vast need strengthened my desire to help others,” says Scott J. Will ’06M, the Physician Assistant 2006 Humanitarian of the Year. His clinical rotation in Uganda inspired “a life-time career of influencing global social/medical change.”
“Sometimes I am amazed at where my life journey has meandered,” Will wrote on his blog during an eight-week clinical rotation in Bundibugyo, one of the poorest districts in Uganda. “To see the poverty and vast array of need has only strengthened my desire to serve those who are often unable to help themselves.”

At the local health clinic with too few resources, he worked with those beset with malaria, malnutrition, and HIV/AIDS. Through an interpreter, he interviewed Ugandan men at an anti-retroviral clinic, speaking openly and honestly with them about how AIDS has devastated their lives.

“Many Ugandans see HIV/AIDS as a curse brought on by someone else, a bewitching applied to one person from another,” he says. “Some men with HIV/AIDS are seen as ‘worthless,’ no good to their family or clan.”

Will, who graduated in May with dual degrees, earning both the Master of Medical Science (Physician Assistant) and the Master of Science in Public Health, was recognized as the PA program’s Humanitarian Student of the Year.

Link to Arcadia article

One of the doctors in Bundibugyo is writing about the crisis on her blog at

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The Internet is definitely amazing. I thought exactly the same thing while I was reading your blog posts last week. Please e-mail me when you get a chance, and I will write a longer article about your experiences. I am sure a lot of PAs would be interested.

Stephen Cornell
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