Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Fears Run Deep

Bundibugyo, Uganda
Volume 2, Issue 19
December 8, 2007

-My Fears Run Deep-
…Courage from on high…

My fears run deep, tis true,
But I’ve been learning to cast my fears on you.
Snakes, death, Ebola, whatever it may be,
It’s all nothing compared to the comfort in thee.
As stated in Isaiah 41:10:

Fear not, for I am with you:
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My
righteous right hand.

Why should I fear, for you are my strength and my shield?
To you alone do all things yield.
If I have a heart focused on you alone,
Courage can be found in your heavenly home.
For if I submit wholly and completely in your sight,
Live or die, I have won the ultimate fight.
Even though these days may seem like eternal night,
They can and will be overcome through faith in you and your Godly might.
Now I stand with head held high,
For today there is a battle to fight, and I must try
To daily live as if my life is not my own,
For it’s yours and yours alone.
Thank you, Lord, for who I am -
A broken down sinner, a God-fearing man.

-Scott J. Will


instigatorkate said...

Hi Scott,

You don't know me, but I'm a current PA student at Arcadia. Right now we're in the middle of finals (I'm sure you remember how fun that is). Thank you for the reminder of what is truly important in life, as well as a offering us a glimpse into the life and service that many of us are hoping to lead. I'll be thinking of you and praying for your continuing strength, faith and optimism in the weeks ahead. Now, back to studying for Radiology and the Clin Med comprehensive final :-) which suddenly seems so insignificant........


Katie Stewart said...

Dear Scott,
As a member of New Life Glenside, I heard about the ebola outbreak last weekend and immediately my heart broke as I pictured the film I saw in epidemiology. I went to speak with Steve DeMoss and his pastor (from Kampala I believe; his name is Ed) about it. Ed knew about the devastating effects of ebola.
Then this weekend I saw your name in the bulletin. And I don't think it was until I was speaking with Mr. Masso that I realized who you were. Do you remember me? I led the lab for epidemiology in which we showed the ebola film - ironically.
Please know you are in my prayers, for protection, grace, strength. You are right, we need Him, and we can only do whatever He calls us to with His strength and His working in our hearts.
In Christ, our Rock,
Katie Stewart

Kami Rice said...

Hi, Scott--I've just left a message on the Myrhe's blog, too. Just wanted to let you know I've joined all of you in praying through this crisis. I arrived back in the US last Sunday and received Amy's email update yesterday. Thanks for taking the time to write and blog in the midst of the exhaustion and intensity. I'm adding an update to my blog to ask others to pray. I'm so, so sorry to hear of Dr. Jonah's death.