Monday, December 10, 2007

I Hear You There

Bundibugyo, Uganda
Volume 2, Issue 20
December 9, 2007

-I Hear You There-
…face to face…

In my mind I hear you there.
In the stillness, in the breeze, I try to catch a glimpse of you,
But I am always a moment too late, for then you are gone.
But still I know you are there, smiling, laughing, cheering me on.
Though unseen I can feel you so clear.
Always present, always around, always you.
Even now, I know you are here.
You have not left me; you have not abandoned me in time of greatest need.
Even more than before, you are around.
You are whispering in my ear, I can faintly hear the angelic sound.
I can’t clearly discern your call,
But I know you are leading me on -
To fight the good fight, to run the race,
To abandon my life to live freely and completely for you.
You are pleased, I hope, I trust.
I fail so often, but still you care for me.
You are my lover, my friend, my life.
May each day draw me closer to you,
May my heart and flesh become as one with you.
I long to die so that I may live,
I long to lose my life so I can gain it again.
I hear you, I know you are near,
Someday I will see you; I will gaze upon your face of splendor
And humbly bow before.
What a glorious day,
The day I meet you face to face.


SunnySusan said...

You write beautifully....happened here..and now I can pray....

May God keep you safe...I am so sorry for the many deaths, especially Dr. Jonah's

Frank said...

Scott, when I found out your circumstances I was shocked. I am praying for you. God's hand is in this I am sure. I forwarded the link to your blog to some friends, and one told me that "if you talk or e-mail with him, wish him good luck."