Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back in the USA.

And I'm back. In the USA that is.

I left South Sudan on January 6, spent a week in Uganda, and returned to the USA on January 13.

I'm experiencing all the loss of leaving what has been my home for five years. Re-acclimation will be a process.

I just returned from eight days away, alone, at a Christian retreat center in southern Indiana. I was in a cabin in the woods, with no electricity, no internet, and no cell phone coverage. There is no formal program, rather you are given the space and time to rest, relax, and renew. It was great!

On Monday, February 9 I will be heading to a formal Renewal and Growth retreat in southern Michigan that is intended for missionaries, pastors, and other religious workers. I'll be there for three weeks experiencing a combination of seminars, group counseling, and individual counseling. I'm looking forward to it, but honestly admit I am not too eager for all the individual counseling sessions. I would much rather listen to someone else's story and try to draw them out, rather than being the one to have talk the whole time. Introspection is not one of my normal tendencies.

I have several writings and photos from the past several weeks and months. I'll slowly start posting those on my blog and on Facebook.

My hope is to be in the USA all of 2015, and Lord willing, I would like to return to oversees missionary work sometime in 2016. I am not sure where or with whom. I'll keep you posted as the Lord leads! In the meantime, I hope to pursue locum tenens physician assistant work in various parts of the USA, starting in April or May. I'm also very much interested in taking a tropical medicine course in the late summer or early fall. These courses are only offered at a few locations in the USA and lasts from eight to twelve weeks. I've been working in tropical medicine for several years now, but I've never had any formal training, and I would love to learn more about the lab work involved.

My time in South Sudan was blessed beyond what I could have imagined, and I trust that the Lord has another place and purpose for me during this new season of my life. I'm eager to see where God leads.


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DrsMyhre said...

Looking forward to seeing how God continues to lead you and use you . . . and praying that these times of refreshment are truly life-giving.