Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Ministry Of Hanging Out

The Ministry Of Hanging Out - CLICK HERE

Click on the link above to see a newsletter from Serving In Mission (SIM). Read pages 1 & 3 for an article that excites me and speaks my language, and something similar to what I have been meaning to write about for a long time- The Ministry Of Hanging Out. The article emphasizes that many youth in the world are engaged through being present with them, sitting with them, and living life alongside of them.

Also check out page 8 for some great photos and a few short paragraphs about the power of sports ministry programs - a way of intentionally investing in people through relationship.

The more I think about who I am and where my passions lie, and who the person of Jesus was, the more I am compelled to invest in people through relationship. Jesus took time to be alone, but he spent much of his time investing in people and building them up - a ministry of hanging out. Individuals were, and are valuable to him.

As I think about Easter, I am humbled and shaken, to know that God loved me so much that he desired to be in relationship with me. When that relationship was broken through sin, God sought to deepen and righten that relationship by sacrificing his own beloved son. Jesus dying on the cross is a testament of the power of God's love to restore relationship with us. With you. With me.

We were created to be in relationship.

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