Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Year Ramble

26 September 2011

Two Year Ramble

With joy and admiration, of Christ the son-made-King,

As I reflect and think, on what and how and when.

Two years have passed since the day I came back to this beautiful land.

So many conversations, sights, sounds, smells.

An abundance of memories made – good and bad.

Humbling to think, how God has lavishly given

Much more than I could ever know.

In appreciation and gladness I sit surrounded by the coolness

Of this rare, cool, rainy day.

My mind lingers and rests in memories, mostly of people.

Of Africans that have blessed my broken soul.

Of Americans, and internationals, more dear to me than I can ever express,

That have supported and encouraged.

Gifts of friendship, conversation and love, they as broken as me,

But mutual willingness to enter into each other’s lives.

God is vague sometimes, but often obnoxiously clear - in a very loving way.

Too often I have tried my own way, only to see it does not work.

Too often I have struggled, when his yolk is light.

From Bundibugyo to Mundri, with Kenya and Greece in between.

My passport is soon to be full, but I hope the adventures have just begun.

Above all, the value of people, of listening, of sitting and seeing beyond the surface,

This is what has been impressed upon me.

There is much value in every day, and in every life.

I fail frequently at many things, but I am seeing that it is ok.

My friends want to, and do, help me often. If only I would be more open to their aid,

Instead of trying to hide my brokenness and incompetency.

Baked goods and waterfall hikes,

Bathing in rivers and sweating in the equatorial sun,

Playing volleyball with young guys and cracking g-nuts with old ladies –

All can be used for the glory of God.

Two years have gone by, and hopefully I am not where I started

On this journey of life and faith.

The way is not much clearer, but the light at the end shines a bit brighter.

Much to learn, sanctification still and always.

Realization that God brought me here, to this beautiful and bountiful land,

Though marred with suffering and angst, to teach me about me and him.

Realization that I have been helped much more than I have helped, or ever will,

No matter how much I try to do.

America and Africa, both part of my recent landscape.

Both places I love.

Tomorrow will no doubt have trials, and joys,

But today I am basking in thankfulness -

Something I would do well to bath in more often.

Be encouraged. I am.



Heidi said...

so glad to hear it. so am I.

Alyssa said...

I love this post, Scott - you've beautifully worded many of the same things I've felt the last 2 years in Kenya. Thanks for sharing the journey through your blog.