Monday, December 8, 2008


Seattle, Washington
Volume 3, Issue 28
December 7, 2008

…The Norm In My Life…

Patricia Abbott once said, “Scott, you are a wild man. You LOVE chaos!” I am not sure I love it, but it seems to follow me wherever I go.

The latest uncertainty in my life (a list that is ever growing) is my job and living situation. I am currently doing locum tenens work as a traveling physician assistant. Right now I am in Everett, WA, but my contract ends December 19th. I had agreed to stay until February 6, but the staffing needs at the community health center I work at have changed recently, and they no longer need me.

So, as of December 19, I am unemployed and not sure where I am headed next. The agency I work for has several jobs throughout the United States, but no openings in Washington – which is where I would like to stay. The other factor is that I am only licensed in the states of Maryland and Washington and with Indian Health Services. I could get a license in any state, but sometimes it can take up to 12 weeks (I had a horrific experience with the WA state licensing board!).

Well, this means that I will probably be driving from Washington and traveling to Ohio, hoping to visit family and friends for Christmas, leaving on December 20 – not an ideal time to be traveling over 2,000 miles (maybe I can stop and see you on the way!). I will most likely take a month off before starting a new job, possibly longer if I need to get a new license. This may be a good break for me – I would really like to kick up my support raising efforts. My current job has been rather stressful and demanding, requiring more hours per week than I would like. This, in addition to my other commitments, has left little time for support raising (though God has really encouraged me through the kindness and generosity of friends and people I have never met!!!).

In addition to my time in Ohio, I may do a support raising tour up the east coast – with stops in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. Let me know if you will be around! I also may be asking some of you if I can sleep on your couch, though a small spot on the floor would be just fine. How about hosting a “Hi, this is my friend Scott, and he would like to tell you more about what God is doing in Uganda and Sudan” dinner or dessert and inviting your friends?

All this being said, I have been in this situation before. It’s all too familiar; however I could use some prayers for direction and guidance.

I am chuckling as I write this. Yes, it’s very true that I do not know what state I will be living in one month from now or where I will be working. I think my life stresses other people out more than it does me. I am getting used to uncertainty and chaos – it’s becoming the norm with me. God has always provided, and I have no doubt he will continue to do so. I look forward to seeing what happens! When I figure something out I’ll let you know!

God is good. So very good to me.

Maybe someday I will settle down and live a “normal” American life? Or maybe not. -



Beth said...

No wonder our house didn't frazzle you a bit.
Beth Hamilton

Danny said...

Hey Scott. Congrats on the loan repayment scholarship you received. Before heading back East, you should drive due South to hang out with Erin and I on the beach. There's an ocean kayak in our garage with your name on it. Also, I'm sure Mary Ann and the rest of the West Coast Lajciks would love to see you (make sure to stop by Tom Lajcik's if you make your way down here). Enjoy your remaining time in WA.